Paris Proposal: The Ultimate Guide To “Yes” (2019)

If you’d like a helping hand in pulling off your dream Paris Proposal, then you’re in the right place.

Asking the person you love to marry you is a big life decision, and you’ll want things to be absolutely perfect.

Paris proposal Photographer how to propose in Paris with classical musicians and a Paris proposal planner

Yet, with so many little details to keep track of, planning your Paris proposal can quickly become a bit overwhelming. But relax—our experienced and caring Paris photographers have seen it all, and importantly, are here to help from initial consultation over concept creation to documenting the actual Paris proposal masterfully.

Paris proposal Photographer best places to propose in Paris on the Shangri-La Hotel Paris

We’ll consider every last detail, so things flow naturally, feel authentic, and are blissfully stress-free.

How to propose in Paris with the best Paris proposal Photographer

All you need to worry about is where you’ll take her for dinner after she says, “Yes!”

How to propose in Paris with the best Paris proposal Photographer

But let’s level with you first: you see, most women have been conditioned for this moment from the time they were still girls. And whether they admit it or not, women still appreciate the effort, chivalry, and the metaphorical prince on a white stallion. Pretty Woman anyone?

How to propose in Paris with the best Paris proposal Photographer

A “Palace” level experience! A palace level experience is one that is greater than 5 stars, and this was absolutely that. The level of professionalism, communication, experience, and overflowing passion for excellence that Cengiz and his staff have is simply world-class. My proposal was perfect and I could not have done it without their help!

Professionalism! Cengiz knew that I would be nervous and stepped up to help me choose the best sights, the best outfits, and best time for a Paris proposal. The YouTube videos were PERFECT and helped me choose the perfect location to propose.

Communication! Any question I had was answered carefully and with thought and care, and I had a lot of questions! Email, text, WhatsApp—everything was used to make communication a breeze … internationally and onsite in Paris.

Experience! Cengiz was a master with the camera, an expert in lighting, a professional with lining up shots, and knows when to improvise and when to provide direct communication to get the photo just right!

Overflowing Passion! It’s rare to find someone whom you trust completely with one of the most important days of your life and … well, I had the trust in Cengiz. I could tell that he truly cared about my fiancée and me! He kept our interests, safety, comfort, and fun level as his top priorities.

We made a friend this past weekend and someone who will forever be a part of our story … and I could not be more thankful.

Truly, if you are considering a photography company for your special day or days, you’ll be in great hands with Kiss Me in Paris.

Cheers! Hugs! ~ Brett 

Essential Paris proposal tips for the gentleman

You’re already ahead of the game since you smartly decided to propose to your future spouse in Paris—the most romantic city known to humankind.

Paris proposal Photographer how to propose in Paris with creative proposal ideas

Plus, you’ve demonstrated how much this life-event truly means to you by hiring a Paris photographer to capture it for you to remember forever.

Romantic Paris proposal ideas with Champagne on an exclusive rooftop of the Shangri-La Hotel with Eiffel Tower views

Yet, it takes a little more than just getting down on one knee to pull off the perfect Paris proposal. And that’s why we created a resource you can always turn to as you prepare a fairy-tale proposal she’ll love with for the rest of her life.

How to propose in Paris with the best Paris proposal Photographer

Paris proposal advice—the fundamentals

  • Don’t procrastinate. All memorable marriage proposals start with a game plan (i.e., the proposal concept). This is not supposed to be easy!
  • Get her dad’s blessing first—a simple “I’d like to marry your daughter” phone call is not going to cut it. Set up a visit to ask your future father-in-law in-person. It’s a sign of respect to him, to her, and the tradition of marriage;
  • if you’re still on the engagement ring hunt, then here’s a simple How to buy a diamond ring resource;
  • Guys (and girls)—suck it up! Don’t be that person in a group of friends who has to say “I didn’t get down on one knee;”
  • whether your Paris proposal is private (i.e., intimate, discrete, quiet setting) or the public, make sure it’s personal, sincere, and the real you;
  • rehearse and practice what you’ll say to her even before you arrive in Paris;
  • tell as few people as necessary since somebody is bound to spill the beans;
  • carefully plan what you’ll do after she says, “Yes,” including:
  • discretely pack the ring so only you can find it, but also make sure it doesn’t get lost during travel;
  • it’s always a smart idea to insure her engagement ring—ideally with worldwide coverage to protect against a loss, theft, damage, and other disappearance;
  • if she already has kids—perhaps from a previous relationship—consider involving them since they mean the world to her, and she’ll appreciate your forethought (consider including her children in-person, via live video stream, a pre-recorded message, or in any other way you see fit);
  • consider delivering your will-you-marry-me pitch to her before you get down on one knee (otherwise, she’ll be too excited to register and remember your words);
  • position yourself perfectly parallel in between your photographer and the selected backdrop (e.g., here’s a fabulous example, including the iconic Eiffel Tower as the backdrop);
  • look her straight in the eyes, and make her feel like the most desirable woman in the universe as you drop to one knee and ask her to become your wife;
  • for a picture-perfect Paris proposal (visual impact), do not get on your knee too close for comfort; instead, take two steps back before you descend to your knee;
  • Give your suit a tuck and remove your wallet, keys, and phone from your pants (ideally place any valuables in your jacket pocket). Any objects in your pant pockets will show (and distract) in your Proposal photos;
  • Do not rush anything and hold your position until she comes to you to pick you up from your knee. It might feel like an eternity to you, but it can make all the difference in your photos and video;
  • after you put the ring on her finger, resist the urge to turn to your photographer (and videographer); instead hold her tightly, comfort her, and turn towards the Eiffel Tower to symbolize “looking into a common future;”
  • what will you do after she says, “Yes?” How about following up your surprise proposal with a fabulous Paris photoshoot while the emotions are at a precious high? How about a typical French brunch with Champagne and macarons at Ladureée on the Champs-Elysées or Angelina?

How to propose in Paris with the best Paris proposal Photographer

To save you time and ensure everything is perfect, we outlined a simple 3-step process on how to prepare for a fun dream proposal, flows naturally, crescendos with a surprise-element, and of course, results in Paris proposal photos you’ll be proud of.

How to propose in Paris with the best Paris proposal Photographer

How to propose in Paris with the best Paris proposal Photographer

Step 1: book your Paris proposal photographer

Sounds simple, right?

Well, surprise proposals are not created equal, and neither are Paris photographers.

Keep in mind that you’ve already spent ample time and resources on bringing the woman you want to marry to Paris. So you might as well now invest in having your Paris proposal captured professionally by an experienced artist who truly cares.

There are no do-overs when it comes to documenting a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

How to propose in Paris with the best Paris proposal Photographer

Questions to ask your Paris proposal photographer?

  • check the availability of your Paris photographer
  • ask the artist you’re considering about her experience, passion, and approach to discretely documenting (surprise) Paris proposals
  • ask your photographer to send you sample photos she’s taken of surprise proposals; also ask her which proposal locations work best depending on the time of the day, weather conditions, crowds, and lighting
  • secure your preferred date, starting time, and photographer by making your retainer payment
  • when you work with Kiss Me in Paris, you’ll typically receive a Shoot Brief, summarizing your Paris Proposal details, including meeting point, starting time, how to signal that you’re about to propose, and more

How to propose in Paris with the best Paris proposal Photographer

Step 2: prepare your dream Paris proposal

Pulling off a world-class Paris proposal requires preparation and precise two-way communication between you and your photographer.

Immediately after you book us, we’ll direct you to our Paris proposal tips instructional videos, and then optionally set-up a quick Skype call to get to know you and understand your unique love story.

Romantic Paris proposal ideas with Classical Violinist on an exclusive rooftop of the Shangri-La Hotel with Eiffel Tower views

Together, we will envision your proposal concept and then put in place a Pinterest inspiration-board to stay organized, manage expectations, and facilitate idea-generation.

How to propose in Paris with the best Paris proposal Photographer

General shoot-related considerations

There aren’t many times in life when you know in advance that you’re about to pull off something that you’ll want to remember forever.

Tiffany & Co. Paris proposal

It also means you have no excuse not to prepare thoughtfully to get things just right once you pop the question and put the ring on her finger.

  • Location matters: it can be the place where you first hung out together when you previously visited Paris, or simply a beautiful spot worthy of such an occasion;
  • when in doubt, choose a private location (we all love the Eiffel Tower, but you can always head there right after she says “Yes”);
  • You are proposing in Paris—so your outfits as a couple should ideally speak to the grand occasion and be stylish. There are no hard rules, but for silhouettes, we prefer tightly-fitted dark attire (and her hair in a bun). Otherwise, a splash of color can truly make your photos pop;
  • Make sure that you and your photographer know the exact moment when and where you’ll pop the question. Ideally, agree with your photographer in advance on a “READY-signal” to let her know you’re about to ask;
  • position yourself and your woman perfectly parallel to your photographer and the desired backdrop (e.g., the Eiffel Tower); this is important since it will allow your artist to capture your proposal and her reaction without the need to invade or distract in any way;
  • ideally, have her hair pulled back so we can see (and photograph) her reaction;
  • we recommend putting the ring box on the floor before you slide the ring on her finger, push the ring up to her knuckle, and then look into her eyes before you slide it up all the way.

Paris proposal Photographer how to propose in Paris at sunrise Trocadero

For serious preparation

… please feel free to take a look at our Paris proposal videos, including priceless tips on location choice and how to achieve optimal results in general.

You choose between two distinct Paris marriage proposal scenarios:

The total Paris Surprise Proposal

As the name suggests, your woman presumably has no clue what you’re about to pop the question as you seemingly randomly stroll through the City of Lights together.

Paris proposal at the Eiffel Tower

In this scenario, your photography coverage typically starts moments before you propose (i.e., your official starting time).

You and your artist(s) need to create a foolproof Shoot Brief, including:

  • specific proposal location (The Meeting Point)
  • the time you intend to propose (make sure your watches are coordinated)
  • How to notify the photographer in case of delay. Keep in mind that it’s not easy to communicate with your artist while your woman is by your side and needs to remain unaware
  • how you and your photographer will recognize each other (Skype communication leading up to your Paris visit helps, but also send a photo of you both by email)
  • an instantly recognizable and unmistakable “READY-signal
  • you need to rotate your partner such that both of you are parallel to your backdrop and your photographer
  • try to get her to carry as few accessories as possible; you’ll want her hands to be free
  • for extra credit, come up with an excuse for her to dress the part and ideally put her hair in a bun or pull it back (that way, we will be sure to capture her reaction even when she bends over to take possession of the ring)

The proposal as part of a Paris photo session

This scenario is often referred to as the “Safe-play” since it differs from the total Surprise Proposal in that pretty much everything is easier to coordinate.

Tuileries Gardens Paris proposal

Like any fun Paris photoshoot, your photo coverage officially starts when you first meet your Paris photographer.

Here’s the deal: your woman already knows that photos will be taken, but she typically has no idea that you’re about to propose. The advantage is that her hair and makeup will presumably look sharp, and you both will have an opportunity to coordinate attire for the shoot.

Your artist can choose the perfect angle to cover your proposal and “dial-in” her camera settings to perfection.

Don’t get us wrong, though, for any Paris proposal—regardless of scenario—still requires excellent preparation and coordination.

How to propose in Paris with the best Paris proposal Photographer

Step 3: After she says, “Yes.”

So she said “Yes,” and her left hand now feels a touch heavier than her right-hand:-). Congratulations!

Hire the Best Paris proposal Photographer

Yet, stopping your photography coverage right now would be missing a precious opportunity, and here’s why: her emotions will be at a unique high, and you already have a photographer whom you trust by your side.

And that’s why we recommend that you transition into a Paris engagement session—and add at least 1-2 hours of photography coverage—it’s your opportunity to get as many fabulous photos as possible.

Eiffel Tower Paris proposal

Now, for the total surprise proposal, couples sometimes ask us to book 1 hour for the actual surprise proposal, and then add two additional hours for the late evening or even for the next day.

The benefit?

Your partner will have time to prepare attire and beauty services before the second portion of your shoot.

Paris proposal photographer