Paris proposal tips: insider secrets from the gentleman for the gentleman

Paris engagement session Bir Hakeim Bridge Eiffel Tower-2If you’re looking to pull off the perfect Paris proposal—and get on a knee to commit to a lifetime of love with your special soulmate—and want your actual proposal to be as special as the relationship you both share … then some careful planning is in order.

You see, it’s not easy to plan (and keep secret :-)) a magical surprise Paris proposal … a marriage proposal that makes her feel like the most desirable woman in the universe … a proposal that results in precious tears of joy … a proposal where the location does justice to the amplitude of the moment … a proposal divinely captured on film for generations to come …

Yet, if you want things to be absolutely perfect, there are so many little details that must all come together at just the right time and in the right sequence … so thoughtful proposal planning is essential.

Now wouldn’t it be great if you had someone experienced in your corner who just went through the process of planning a true fairytale Paris proposal​​​​? Kind of like an inner voice to masterfully guide you on the exciting journey to “Yes.”

Well, let me introduce to you Brett Krynak, a veritable grandmaster in the delicate art of making a woman feel like a lady … a man who made me pause and take note of his brilliant proposal ideas … a man who gave me Goosebumps while I photographed him ask Stephanie to become his wife.

Paris proposal tips

Meet Brett, your Paris proposal expert

Gentleman, my name is Brett Krynak and I have a story to tell … it’s a tale of love, adventure, planning, ambition, courage, and dedication.

My fiancée’s name is Stephanie and she’s the breath in my lungs, the blood in my veins, and the smile in my heart.

Paris engagement session Bir Hakeim Bridge Eiffel Tower-2

Our story goes something like this …

… there I was working away at my desk in the office when I received an instant message from someone with a super-long name, Stephanie Heintzelman. Her message asked if I was the Brett who had traveled to Antarctica, Australia, Japan, … and who had dived amongst Great White sharks off the coast of South America :-).

Stephanie had apparently heard about me from a director whom I use to work for; Stephanie was curious to put a face with the stories she was told.

I texted back “yes, that’s me” … still not knowing who she was.

She simply replied, “ok, that’s good to know.” No more, no less.

So I resumed with work not really giving her texts much additional thought.

Just one day later, however, I was at my desk when Stephanie walked by. I saw her coming my way and was clearly staring …

Stephanie said “hi.” I literally froze, said nothing, and just looked at her in awe.

She said “ok, good talk” and kept walking.

I was a little upset with myself for not engaging immediately … but wait … she was coming back! This time, I stopped her and said, “hi, yes, I can talk.”

It was in that moment that I connected the dots … and realized who had texted me the day before … and was now standing before me.

I was helplessly lost in her beautiful eyes from day one.

Paris engagement session Louvre Museum-2

One thing led to the next … we started to chat a bit online … all while respecting traditional work boundaries; eventually we moved to email communication, which connected us more deeply.

After about a month of back and forth, I manned up and asked her out. We began spending quite a lot of time together outside of work … at concerts, dinners, beach visits, or just side-by-side …

I eventually asked her to go on a vacation with me … an escape from the cold Michigan winter. We had an amazing time on a sunset cruise out in the middle of the Atlantic … and that’s when it hit me: as we watched the sun slip beneath the waves, I knew I had fallen in love with the woman I was destined to marry.

Little did I know Stephanie felt the same feelings as we gazed at each other during the most romantic sunset … she would later confess to me that she had fallen for me at that very moment, our moment.

Fast forward one year … and I knew the time was right to ask for her hand in marriage …

Paris pre-wedding photos Eiffel Tower

Where in Paris did you propose—why?

Stephanie and I had been planning a trip to Paris for almost six months; yet, she had no idea that I intended to propose while we were there …

I decided on Trocadéro as my Paris proposal spot after researching the many fabulous locations the City of Lights has to offer.

Trocadéro is at once elegant and timeless. It’s a spot that will literally make your guy friends envious  :-). It’s the ultimate location for that perfect sunrise moment when you just hope she says “YES.” It’s also an iconic spot you can revisit over and over again … years later as a married couple or even with your kids … and proudly tell the story of how you proposed.

Paris Eiffel Tower proposal at Trocadero

A custom Paris proposal Collection as unique as Stephanie and I …

I booked Kiss Me in Paris nearly six months prior to our trip; importantly, once I began communicating with Cengiz and his team, I instantly knew I found the partner I was seeking to help make my dreams reality.

I commissioned a 2-day Collection, including a splendid sunrise proposal and a romantic evening photo session, including the magical Blue Hour. Gentleman, you will need time—and lots of it—to do it right.

I knew that 7-8 hours spread out over two days would be amazing and allow for the requisite time to enjoy the best spots Paris has to offer, capture the other-earthly photos, and ultimately come away with memories we’ll cherish forever.

I am absolutely thrilled about the amount of photography coverage I commissioned; hey, we could have totally added a third day :-).

Here’s how I booked my Paris proposal photographer

I found Kiss Me in Paris after doing extensive research and reaching out to numerous Paris photographers.

Interestingly, every other company treated me like a commodity or just another booking … except for Kiss Me in Paris.

I wrote a lengthy Ode to Stephanie as part of my inquiry to Kiss Me in Paris … an expression of my love and how much I wanted to marry her.

Hi! I’m so excited. The woman of my dreams, my true one, and I will be in Paris the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth of October, and I’m planning to propose on the sixth or seventh pending the weather.

She and I have been talking about having a photographer with us for a day/night so that we have more than just selfies, or asking strangers for pictures. This is leading into my plan of having help from your company in order to make the proposal a complete surprise. She’s thinking that I’m exploring a photographer only!  And hopefully you and I will have a great set-up and signals to make the proposal the most memorable ever! I never thought I would have the ability to get help with planning a destination proposal! She won’t have any idea and I know she’ll say yes!

I would love to talk about locations that are not crowded but have a wonderful backdrop; we are true classics and love the iconic and romantic parts of Paris! I would also love to talk about what to do afterwards, where to go, and post-proposal pictures for the evening as part of the collection … the more the merrier! It’ll be great! Or perhaps we could meet the following day for a tour of Paris and engagement pictures! Whatever works best! She may be too excited the first night to really have engagement pictures.

Actually I kind of think that the idea of the next day sounds pretty great!

Looking forward to this!

Cengiz responded so warmly and so supportingly … so I knew we’d become friends immediately upon meeting each other.

The level of communication with Kiss Me in Paris was simply epic. From Pinterest inspiration boards over texting to emails, we nailed our game-plan months in advance; throughout the entire process leading up to my Paris proposal, I knew Cengiz was someone who truly cared about us and our experience.

Hey, it’s hard to trust someone you’ve never met, right? Especially when that someone is located over 2,000 miles away. Yet, Cengiz and I bonded instantly as he earned my unwavering trust.

Paris engagement session Louvre Museum-4

Our first restaurant as fiancée and fiancé

The first restaurant we enjoyed together as fiancée and fiancé was Café du Trocadéro. We concluded our day where everything started … in unforgettable fashion.

Our meal was absolutely amazing as we watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle; we laughed a lot, had fun, and joked about how we’d tell our families about the proposal.

Paris engagement session Trocadero Eiffel Tower Night time

My secret on how I got the ring to Paris safely and unnoticed

Gentlemen. Sirs. Monsieurs.

I hope we can all agree that our partners must never know about the ring or our Paris proposal plans before we actually get down on one knee … there’s no fun in ruining the surprise element, right :-))

So if you, too, have a resourceful (read: curious :-)) partner, then my next advice is just for you.

You must keep that ring safely hidden from your loved one at all cost. 

Stephanie and I traveled to Iceland before we arrived in Paris. In other words, I carried her ring with me (in my backpack) throughout Iceland for an entire week … and she had no clue.

How did I pull that off you might ask?

Well, what you really need is something to hide the ring in—ideally a container she’s already accustomed to seeing … one that will not get her attention.

Gents, let me introduce the Secret Safe Lint Roller. I purchased the secret safe lint roller on Amazon and—thanks to it—was able to hide her ring in plain sight. The lint roller functions as advertised, but additionally comes with a nifty diversion safe compartment for hiding valuables.

For months, I left the Secret Safe Lint Roller on the counter at my place so Stephanie would get accustomed to seeing it. Little did she know that it would one day hold her engagement ring.

secret safe lint roller tips for Paris proposal

Advanced engagement ring box strategies

Importantly, I used a custom miniature ring box that was smaller than a regular ring box since the latter might have been too visible in my pocket (the smaller size also allowed me to easily insert the ring box into my Secret Safe Lint Roller).

I knew that opening the ring box upside-down or backwards at the critical moment was not an option. I also wanted to pull the ring box out of my pocket in a fluid motion so that things would look and feel absolutely natural.

In fact, I practiced my proposal over and over … and at times the box would invariably face upside-down or backwards. Not cool :-).

So, I decided to scratch up the bottom of my miniature ring box as well as its backside … that allowed me to feel whether the ring box was in the right position prior pulling it out of my pocket.

How to pull off the perfect Paris proposal

Note that the ring box is upright with the opening and ring facing Stephanie.

Getting her dad’s blessing. Plus one power-tip that will blow her mind after she says “YES”

I’d say I’m an old soul—a man of tradition—and I knew I needed her parents’ blessing before I asked for Stephanie’s hand in marriage.

So one day when Stephanie was out shopping with friends, I visited her parents to get their permission to propose to their little princess.

Once I arrived at her parents, I opened my soul—my everything—to them about why I wanted to marry their daughter. I brought the ring with me to underscore my commitment to Stephanie.

Then I went one big step further: I recorded a short video of her father, mother, and brothers giving their respective well-wishes.

And sure enough, immediately following my Paris proposal to Stephanie, she wanted to call her dad … I used that moment to say “why actually your entire family have something to say to you.”

Then I played each video blessing from my phone for Stephanie. It was simply perfect since she appreciated that I included her family … and had gone the extra mile to secure her family’s heartfelt words for her.

Paris Eiffel Tower proposal at Trocadero-7

What’s hot, what’s not when it comes to outfits …

We were quite well dressed for the Paris proposal and subsequent engagement photos. This was important considering that we enjoy “classy” pictures.

Stephanie started off with a striking red dress, which popped magnificently in our engagement pictures. I went with a black suit and a red tie to match Stephanie’s gown.

For our evening session, we went with blue for me and a stunning textured peach dress for her.

Paris engagement session Louvre Museum Blue Hour

The right footwear for a Paris proposal photo session

A quick comment about footwear is in order since Paris is considered a “walking-city:” I opted for a pair of comfy black dress shoes while Stephanie went for stylish red flats. In fact, her shoes were comfortable by design since I knew Paris is a walking-city and expected a healthy amount of walking as we commuted from one location to the next during our shoot.

Gentlemen, please do not underestimate the importance of comfortable (and warm depending on the season) shoes for your woman. Comfort is key … and it’s presumably already too late once foot fatigue or pain sets in.

Paris engagement session Louvre Museum-2

Props for your Paris proposal

Cengiz incorporated quintessential Parisian Cafe Carette macarons into our engagement pictures … and those delicious macarons are among our favorites: sweet, sassy, and timeless. Simply a must for any Paris proposal.

Gents, when it comes to props, it’s all about creative elements that are withincharacter for you as a couple: balloons, flowers, Champagne … hey, if you can dream it, Cengiz and his helpful Kiss Me in Paris team will make it happen for you.

Paris proposal props

My favorite photo location in Paris is …

Our favorite photo location in Paris was 100% Trocadéro. We were fortunate enough to have our photos taken there at both sunrise and nighttime. Our photos turned out timeless! Epic! Legendary!

Paris Eiffel Tower proposal at Trocadero

My favorite photo from our Paris proposal photo session

Speaking from the heart … my favorite picture was the one of me asking Stephanie to become my wife … and seeing her reaction as she processed everything. I knew from her tears of joy just how much this moment meant to her.

Paris Eiffel Tower proposal at Trocadero-9

Would you recommend Kiss Me in Paris to your best friend?

Kiss Me in Paris was my partner, best friend, and confidant throughout the whole process … and I could not recommend them higher—they will have you back!

Paris engagement session Love Locks

Practice before you arrive in Paris for your proposal

Details … oh the details … Gentleman, practice your proposal!

From the words you’ll speak to the knee you’ll take … practice everything many, many times! You only get one shot at making your Paris proposal perfect … so the better you prepare, the more confident you’ll feel.

Here are more fabulous ideas on what to say when you propose in Paris.

Reach out early in the process to Cengiz and his team for help, advice, and expertise! Having had a plan in place with Kiss Me in Paris helped make my proposal and engagement photo session 100% perfect.