Paris Photographer—Your Step-by-Step Booking Guide

This page is for you if you’re coming to Paris and want a professional English-speaking Paris photographer to capture precious memories of you as a couple—be it for a surprise marriage proposal, wedding, elopement, couple photoshoot (engagement, anniversary, honeymoon), family portraits, or boudoir.

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We understand that it can be challenging to identify, evaluate, and hire the right Paris photographer from a faraway … and that’s why we created this guide to help you make confident decisions.

You see, Paris photo shoots are all about choices, such as

  • when’s the best season to have your Paris photoshoot?
  • should I start at sunrise, twilight, or go for a combination?
  • how many hours of photography coverage do I really need?
  • Eiffel Tower? Check. But what else makes sense for us as a couple?
  • should I go more formal for the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower? Where can I change outfits anyway?
  • I want those fabulous oversized balloons but have no clue where to get them or how to transport them to my first location.
  • I hear Uber is the way to commute in Paris, but what if I prefer a vintage car with a chauffeur?
  • and, of course, how do I book a Paris photographer I trust to show up on time, make things fun, and deliver extraordinary photos that transcend the snapshot?

hire a Paris photographer

As you might imagine, Paris photographers are not created equal. Hire the right artist, and you’re well on your way to delightfully enhancing your Paris photo experience with abundant joy, heaps of love, and precious memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

And while it may sound cliché, you only get one shot at booking a Paris photographer who is fun, energizes you as a couple, and really cares about your experience.

How to hire a Paris photographer for my surprise marriage proposal

If you feel a little overwhelmed, you’re not alone. After all, you’re about to invest real time, love, and money into your Paris photoshoot. Then again, just by reading this guide, you’re already ahead of the game … as long as you put our proven tips to work.

What makes a Paris photographer truly exceptional?

Simply put, an extraordinary Paris photographer is passionate about photographing relative strangers, encourages you to leave self-consciousness at the door, provides irresistible value, and has the creative talent to make ordinary people look and feel extraordinary.

Best Paris photographer

There’s more of course: your experienced Paris photographer knows the best Parisian locations for photos, is responsive, transparent and communicates well in English (and ideally in French and other languages), prepares you well for your photoshoot, inspires you to connect naturally, and consistently captures amazing photos.

An open letter to you …

At Kiss Me in Paris, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. But we do take your experience seriously and here’s our promise: we’ll show you the City of Lights in a way you never imagined possible while exceeding your lofty expectations with a super-fun Paris photoshoot custom-tailored to you as a couple.

Our clients typically invest real time, resources, and energy into preparing for their Paris photoshoot. They understand that preparation can make a big difference; they also appreciate that their Paris photographer—for better or worse—wields great influence over the flow of their photo session and, by extension, the way they’ll remember Paris.

Paris photographers to take my pre-wedding photos

As a result, our interests are in harmony. We want to have fun and get amazing photographs … and so do you. We will help you create a Pinterest inspiration board and provide timely and relevant feedback. In turn, it gives you an opportunity to manage expectations and tell us about your favorite Parisian locations, poses, props, and other shoot-related ideas.

We can’t even express how thankful we are to have found Kiss Me in Paris! Eric and I had such a great time this morning, and that really had everything to do with your energy, excitement, and amazing creativity! Hands-down the best Paris photographer! ~ Samantha & Eric, New York City

Paris photographer for my engagement photos

One thing’s for certain: whether our couples embrace the cliché or not, they don’t want their photos to look like everyone else’s.

Think about it … you’re unique and so is the love you share with your significant other. Why then should you be satisfied with ordinary photos?

The solution? Hire a Paris photographer who will not only take you to the same places and ask you to do the same poses. Sounds simple, right? Well, you’d be surprised how few artists actually take the time to care.

Keep in mind that photographers are creatures of habit: we’re naturally drawn to do what’s worked well in the past—similar locations, perspectives, poses, time of the day … but that’s missing an amazing opportunity—for you and for us!

Paris photographers proposals engagements weddings elopements

Our commitment is to always put you and your Paris photography experience first.

It starts with our proven 4-step process on How to Prepare for Your Paris Photoshoot, which emphasizes fun, real connection, and maximum net photography coverage.

And while you’re at it, we put together a 30-minute instructional video just for you. We understand that half an hour may sound like a lot? But watching it will actually save you loads of time in your preparations and inspire a more fabulous shoot. So take a moment now and watch.

But there’s more to it: you need to take your Paris photographer decision seriously. That means investing time, love, and resources into identifying, evaluating, and booking the right photographer for you.

Paris photographer to capture my surprise marriage proposal

So what events do we photograph in Paris and around the globe?

Most available photo sessions are similar in terms of quality, creativity, and preparation, but there are real differences, and it’s important that you understand them.

Paris photographer best in Paris

Engagement photo sessions

Paris engagement sessions are among our absolute favorites. Hey, it’s what wins us countless awards and publications … and it’s an aspect of the professional event and portrait photography we’re frequently asked to teach at workshops and even evaluate as Master Photographer Judges in the context of some of the most prestigious international photo contests.

Essentially, most Paris engagement sessions fall into one of two distinct scenarios:

  1. you recently became engaged in your hometown, and subsequently decided to visit Paris. You think it would be a brilliant idea to have a professional Paris photographer capture photos of you and your loved one as you celebrate the uniqueness of your relationship in the most romantic place in the known universe.
  2. your boyfriend just popped the question to you in Paris and you’d like to capture this momentous life-event with photos while you’re already in town.

The latter scenario differs from our Surprise Paris proposal in that it is considered “after-the-fact,” i.e. you are now already engaged—so to say, fiancée & fiancé :-). And since it is no longer a secret, your engagement session can take on a decidedly more creative approach than the more candid surprise proposal.

Paris proposal at the Eiffel Tower at sunrise


Honeymoon photo sessions

Wow … so you’re now newlyweds. Congratulations! The greatest party of your life is over, and it’s time to recover a little and get a few much-needed days of privacy with your loved one.

So where better to unwind than in romantic Paris … with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in hand … or a Champagne if you prefer.

And that’s just you getting started. There’s probably more to do in Paris than you have time for. But anything that’s worth doing, is worth doing right … and, of course, having documented by a professional Paris photographer for generations to see and relive.

Here’s where we join the picture. We love l-o-v-e. There’s simply a magical combination of radiant energy and blissful happiness that freshly married couples exude: jump for joy, walk on air … cloud 9 anyone?

Paris photographer Paris engagement session same sex couple

We want to be there for you every step of the way: need a prop that might be too large to bring along from abroad? Just let us know. How about a decadent box of macaroons? We know all the yummy places!Best macarons in Paris Pierre Herme Macaron Paris Engagement


Paris weddings and destination weddingsParis weddings Pierre Hotel Wedding New York City

Looking for a wedding photography experience that’s fun, real, and award-winning? You’re in the right place with your Kiss Me in Paris Wedding photographer.

Modern luxury wedding photography is about more than just great pictures: your wedding photographer will affect the flow of one of the most special days of your life. In fact, you’ll likely spend more time with your photographer than with anyone else on your Big Day. But you know all this already.

What you may not yet realize is that your wedding photographer can at any given time also be an energizing companion, a profound source of inspiration, and sometimes a helping hand when you need it most :-).

Today’s leading wedding photographers command at least 4 essential skills:

  1. unobtrusive photojournalism (candid or documentary photos brimful of emotion)Paris photographer destination wedding photographer
  2. fun editorial & impact (the photos that get all the LIKES on Facebook)Paris photographer Paris engagement photos at the Eiffel Tower with cool prop
  3. family portraits (beautifully composed, sharp, and well-lit pictures that your parents and grandparents will love)Paris photographer destination wedding photographer
  4. details, decor, ambiance, and performance (the inspirational stuff that the editors of popular bridal publications look for)Dream Proposal at the Versace Mansion in Miami

Well, we do it all well—our wedding coverage is as unique as you. Every photo is hand-crafted with love. We passionately pour our hearts into your Big Day.

The result? Many of our clients leave us touching love notes and become life-long friends when they realize that we actually made their wedding day even more special.

We broadly separate our wedding coverage into two distinct categories:

  1. greater Paris: here’s where you and your loved ones travel to us (Paris wedding)
  2. outside of Paris: here’s where we travel to or with you (destination wedding)

While we delight in 100’s of heart-warming photo sessions around Paris every year, we only take on a very limited number of spectacular destination weddings.

The beauty of a destination wedding with Kiss Me in Paris is that we often have the time to add-on a priceless day-after photo shoot while we’re already on location. It’s for couples who truly can’t get enough photos!

Here’s an example of a fabulous luxury wedding we captured at the venerable St. Regis in Laguna Beach, California.Paris photographer destination wedding photographer


Paris anniversary sessions

Perhaps you didn’t have the opportunity to come to Paris for your engagement or honeymoon? What were you thinking :-). Well, we cannot imagine a more romantic place for you to celebrate your next wedding anniversary—be it your first, your second, or your 50th.

We promise you’ll love your time with us [and your photos!], and come back for more. It’s kind of addictive!

Hey, and if you’d like us to arrange a little Champagne picnic or a romantic candlelight dinner for you, simply let us know.

We know you are busy, and travel to Paris from a faraway. Let’s at least make it easy to celebrate love.Paris photogapher Louvre


Family Paris portrait sessions

When you come to Paris with your entire family and would like your visit captured by a professional Paris photographer in a fun and relaxed way … then you’re in perfect hands with us. We are kids at heart and adults and kids love us for it :-).

Surgeon General’s Warning: side effects of a Kiss Me in Paris family portrait session include sudden, uncontrollable cravings for the ultimate macaron or hot chocolate, and may well result in many more visits to Paris.Paris Photographer Portrait photos

What you should do next

Wow … you really got to the end of this page :-). That means you’re super-passionate about your Paris photographer; we LOVE you already and think we will make a great fit.

Your next step is to check out our galleries and then reach out to us to check on our booking availability.