Paris Photoshoot—How It Works

Whether you’ve already booked your Paris photoshoot or are still on the lookout for the perfect Paris photographer, this page is where you’ll find the information you absolutely need to confidently prepare even before you arrive in Paris.

Our goal is to inspire your Paris photoshoot and sensitize you to important decisions you’ll make along the way. We pride ourselves in being the only true 24/7/365 photography studio in the world. That translates into a quick response, more professional communication before and after your Paris photoshoot, and greater peace of mind for you.

Hey, you’ll love Dexter and Theo who are the heart and soul of our studio management.

Above all, we want you to enjoy the City of Lights in all its splendor and come away with an experience and memories you’ll love for a lifetime.

Paris Photo Shoot

We’ve spoken with countless happy couples about their Paris photo sessions and—based on their feedback—outlined a proven 4-Step process to help you ace your own Paris photoshoot.

Step 1—Book Your Paris photoshoot as Soon as Possible

Booking your Paris photoshoot with us is simple and transparent:

  • browse our photo galleries to ensure you understand and love our photography style and have a good idea of what to expect
  • Ask for our Collections and Availability for your preferred date(s) and starting time. As one of the most popular Paris photographers, our calendar fills up quickly all year round; we book on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • your 50% retainer payment makes things official and reserves your preferred date, starting time, and Paris photographer
  • we’ll then instantly connect you with your photographer; you’ll receive a handy summary of your Paris photoshoot details, including meeting point, starting time, hours of coverage, the contact information of your photographer, and more

Step 2: Prepare for Your Paris Photoshoot Like a Pro

Paris photo shoot with Christian Louboutin shoes

A brilliant Paris photo shoot can and should be prepared for.

The amount of fun, natural flow to your photo session, and stunning photographs you should expect are often directly related to the time you invest into your preparations … and how well you communicate and set expectations with your Paris photographer before the shoot.

This 30-minute video is only for serious couples who want to cross the T’s and dot the I’s and, as a result, ensure the best possible Paris photoshoot. You’ll hear about our favorite locations and which props, outfits, and poses result in epic photos. You’ll also gain access to true insider tips on how to perfect your kiss, poses, and enhance the fun factor.

When you work with Kiss Me in Paris, your expectations should be sky-high … we love what we do and really care about your experience. That’s why we encourage you to consider the following 6 essential elements of Paris photo shoot preparation.

What’s the best time of the day for my Paris photoshoot?

The simple answer is that the best time for your photo session is when you feel most energized and happy. Factors such as biorhythm, jet lag, and a host of other factors can make a difference. While we are at it … a soothing massage can make a massive difference following your flight to Paris.

That said, our favorite times of the day are sunrise and evening, including twilight, the magical Blue Hour, and nighttime … and here’s why:

Sunrise photoshoot—the “Golden Hour”

The time when the sun slowly appears above the horizon in the morning: dawn or daybreak

Paris Engagement Eiffel Tower couple having fun at Trocadero

  • the only time of the day to get photos at your favorite Parisian backdrops without distracting crowds, other photographers, and even thieves
  • typically the most flattering lighting conditions
  • great opportunity for silhouettes
  • enhanced privacy
  • cons: get up early, which means less sleep … especially when you still want to get beauty services done (note: since sunrise is our most requested time slot, we require a minimum booking commitment of 2 hours)

Evening (twilight) photo sessions—the Blue Hour

The period when the day ends and the night begins …

Romantic Paris wedding photos during the Blue Hour near the Eiffel Tower

  • the most magically romantic time of the day for Paris photoshoots
  • soft, flattering light ensures no squinting in photos, no blown out shadow details in your outfits, and no distracting shadows
  • priceless opportunity to get daylight, Blue Hour and even nighttime photos within a single hour
  • later starting time means you have the opportunity to commission professional beauty services
  • cons: fills up quickly since twilight is our second most requested timeslot; larger crowds mean some locations and angles are simply not possible; and set-ups can take a little longer (note: we require an associate to help with lighting, crowd management, and to protect your belongings from theft)

Evening (nighttime) photo sessions

Paris engagement session at Moulin Rouge with Champagne popping as prop

Paris in the evening is enchanting … and Paris after midnight is magic. — Woody Allen

  • the time of the day when Paris feels most alive and fun
  • good amount of privacy in select locations
  • the best opportunity for legendary Champagne pop photos (our specialty!)
  • later starting time means you have the opportunity to have professional hair and makeup done
  • cons: less net photography coverage since we need to control lighting and set-ups can take a little longer; (note: we require an associate to help with lighting and to protect your belongings from theft)

What are the best locations for my Paris photoshoot?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: you’re in Paris and the Eiffel Tower just so happens to the be most iconic and instantly recognizable structure on the planet. So unless you consider it too cliché, we recommend that you make the Eiffel Tower one of your top priorities.

Paris pre-wedding photos at the Eiffel Tower at sunrise

Your choice of locations—the spots where you and your partner will have your pictures taken—extends to every other element of your Paris photoshoot, including logistics, privacy, and even your energy.

In turn, the combination of your locations will determine the variety of your gallery, the fun-factor, and how you’ll remember your time in Paris.

Our favorite locations depend a little on the time of the day and the temperament of the couple, but here are a few popular options to consider:

  • Obvious Eiffel Tower (Trocadéro, Carousel, Champ de Mars)
  • Subtle Eiffel Tower (Alexander III, Bir-Hakeim Bridge)
  • Louvre Museum (Pyramids, courtyard)
  • Tuileries Gardens
  • Palais-Royal
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • The Seine River (our favorite Seine River access is near Notre Dame)
  • Montmartre (Sacré-Coeur, Maison Rose, Cobblestone streets, some of the most photo-friendly cafés)
  • Moulin Rouge (the most epic spot for Champagne popping)
  • Parisian Cafés (Carette, Angelina, Cafe Louise, and a million others)

There are many more great locations of course, and keep in mind that some of your favorite photos may come from locations in between your primary locations.

Paris Engagement Louvre Museum

Logistics—best way to commute between locations during my Paris photoshoot?

Getting around any city with a good transportation infrastructure (like what you’ll find in Paris) is not difficult. Yet, unless you are independently wealthy, you should care about maximizing your photography coverage and minimizing your commute time.

Net photography coverage is the metric you should obsess about: at Kiss Me in Paris, we like to emphasize net photography coverage, which is about

  • getting you and your loved one from one location to the next while minimizing downtime in traffic, lengthy outfit changes, and painful foot fatigue; while
  • getting as many fabulous photos in as many cool locations as possible

Fortunately, Paris is quite pedestrian-friendly … so one of our preferred methods of getting around is by foot. For instance, when you are at the Louvre, it is faster to just hop on over to Palais Royal or the Tuileries Gardens than to wait for an UBER.

Yet, some locations are simply geographically far apart, and that’s when we recommend calling an UBER or flagging down a Taxi. Keep in mind that it can take several minutes for your UBER to arrive (note: make sure you have the UBER app installed on your phone and that your internet works). Interestingly, the Taxi will typically save you time (versus UBER) during rush hour.

Paris Engagement photo session at the Louvre Museum

Attire & Accessories—what should we wear for our Paris photoshoot?

When it comes to attire choices for your Paris photoshoot, there are no hard rules. It depends a little on you the couple, the nature of your photo session, and duration of commissioned photography coverage (2 hours or more generally allows for at least one outfit change). You can go with casual, formal or a combination of both.

Paris photo shoot what to wear

That said, here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • dress for how you’d like to be seen in your photos
  • wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident
  • consider wearing layers on cold days
  • bring a pair of flats or other comfy shoes to protect your feet when you move from one location to the next
  • for perfect silhouette photos, dark, tightly-fitted attire works best (avoid white)
  • depending on the weather report, you may want to include a stylish umbrella
  • we love the bold colors—especially reds and yellows
  • style matters (hey ladies … this is your excuse to get that new pair of Louboutins!)

Outfit ideas for Paris engagement photos at the Eiffel Tower

Which props make sense for our Paris photoshoot?

Eiffel Tower wedding photos with balloons as props

Well, imagination has no limitation when it comes to props …

We favor the generous usage of creative props that are within character for you as a couple as long as they distract you from unwanted camera awareness while encouraging natural connection.

Conversely, props that are not within character for you as a couple can actually distract you from believably connecting with your loved one and, by extension, diminish the flow of your Paris photoshoot.

One of our absolute favorite props is Champagne, which almost always looks and feels epic. Hey, you’re in Paris after all, and there’s presumably a good reason to celebrate. We recommend using a fake Champagne since you’ll waste most of the fluid (presuming you shake the bottle like you mean it).

Paris engagement session at Moulin Rouge with Champagne popping as prop

Another prop we just can’t get enough of is balloons. Sure, balloons have been overdone a little, but they do make a statement. And in case you were wondering where to get those awesome over-sized (60 cm) balloons, we recommend Cristina at WOW Factory Paris.

prepare for a paris photo shoot

The high and delicate art of connecting in front of the camera

Tired of formulaic, uninspiring kisses? Well, you’re not alone.

It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter [of the camera]. — Alfred Eisenstaedt

World-class photography is a two-way street between you and your Paris photographer. When a couple is not comfortable, their personality, breathing, and ability to connect with one-another simply go away.

In fact, one reason discerning couples around the globe seek us out is that our Paris photoshoots just feel more real.

Paris engagement session same sex couple Seine River bank

Now, most of us are neither actors nor models, and simply do not have much experience in front of the camera. Hey, it’s probably not every day that you’re asked to be playful and passionately display affection in public. Yet, that’s really what it takes for divine results.

Paris photo shoot

Our couples somehow consistently connect like rock stars. What’s the secret you may ask?

First, we objectively prepare our couples better than anyone in Paris.

Our interests and yours are in perfect harmony since we both want to have fun and come up with award-winning photos. That’s why we will help you get organized and encourage you to practice your kissing even before you arrive in Paris.

Paris photo shoot with macarons

Kissing homework? Yep, you’re now working with Kiss Me in Paris and bad kissing is entirely unacceptable.

Second, after hundreds of photo sessions each year, we’re quite adept at quickly breaking the ice with relative strangers. Our goal is to awaken the single biggest strength you share as a couple: chemistry.

Paris proposal at the Eiffel Tower Bir-Hakeim Bridge during the Blue Hour

Chemistry is about attraction, scent, passion, comfort with closeness, pheromones … the mysterious spark between two people. Above all, you need to feel comfortable breathing on each other. When you hold your breath, it is not sustainable. More importantly, you end up thinking of the act of being photographed and the end result instead of the significant other in front of you.

Don’t want to kiss in public? No problem.

Interestingly, kissing per se is not a requirement for great chemistry; but a believable connection is. That’s why we recommend going all in and committing to connecting without distractions. Hey, nobody will ever remember you, but unless you bring your A-game, you will regret the missed opportunity to have fun and create something truly special.

Celebrate first … and the reason will follow. ~ Nik Juliani

Paris Proposal at the Eiffel Tower Trocadero Paris

Step 3: Your Handy “Day-of” Paris Photoshoot Checklist

Paris Engagement Session at the Eiffel Tower with pidgeons

Congratulations! You’ve prepared well, and now it’s time for you and your loved one to simply relax and enjoy your time in Paris.

  • check the weather forecast
  • pack lightly and consider leaving precious items back at your hotel so you can focus on connecting with your partner, and not worry about your belongings
  • ladies, bring a pair of comfortable shoes that you can easily slip into; be gentle on your feet as you move from one location to the next (it’s already too late once foot fatigue sets in)
  • consider dressing in layers in case it’s chilly outside
  • feel free to bring along your Pinterest inspiration board on your mobile device if you like (make sure it is accessible even without internet connection)
  • aim to arrive for your Paris photoshoot at least 5-15 minutes before your scheduled starting time so you’re relaxed and ready to go; definitely, do not be late
  • speak up when you have great ideas or would like to spontaneously take advantage of unexpected locations
  • trust in the process—you’ve exercised judgment in hiring the right artist for you … so now let her work her magic

Paris engagement session Cafe LIPP


Step 4: Here’s What to Expect After Your Paris Photoshoot

After your Paris photoshoot, you’ll presumably be on Cloud 9 … and anxious to see all your amazing photos.

Prop ideas for your Paris engagement photos at the Eiffel Tower

We take great pride in our ability to process your photos quickly and deliver them safely anywhere in the world.

You’ll receive a password-protected link to your personal online gallery

Soon after your Paris photoshoot (typically within 24 hours), you’ll receive a link to a personal online gallery with all photos from your session.

Our studio management will provide detailed instructions on how to select your favorite photos. And after you’ve chosen the photos you’d like us to edit and deliver to you, simply send us an email to

Your photos will typically be edited and delivered to you in high-resolution and print-ready via digital download link within 10-14 days from the time you send us your edit selections.

Fabulous printing solutions fulfilled around the globe

When you’re ready to order prints and wall art (canvas, mounted, or framed) through Kiss Me in Paris, we are happy to accommodate pretty much any dimension, size, finish, frame and order quantity … and will fulfill your orders around the world.

We also offer a wide range of innovative and fun photo keepsakes, such as mugs, mouse pads, luggage tags, magnets, photo puzzles, photo stickers, aprons, playing cards, …

Best of all, you and your loved ones can use the same private online gallery link to place your orders regardless of where you live.

What about luxury albums and other fine art printing solutions?

Looking for the finest album in the world? We use New Zealand-based Queensberry, arguably the most luxurious artisan bookmaker available. We also use America’s most prestigious photo lab for our high-end printing solutions, which are packaged with white gloves, and shipped to you ready for mounting.

Paris photo shoot