Frequently Asked Questions


Are you still available for my date?

This is typically the first question we get. The best way to find out is to submit an inquiry through our contact form. Our most popular starting times are sunrise and twilight, including the romantic “Blue Hour,” but we accommodate Paris photoshoots around the clock.

In your inquiry, please already specify your preferred date(s) and starting time, the desired amount of photography coverage and also tell us about your initial shoot ideas. The more information you share, the better we can help.

Our friendly support team, Dexter & Theo, work nearly 24/7/365 which translates into responsive communication and ultimately peace of mind for you.

What are your rates?

The hourly rate for our (non-proposal) Paris photoshoots start at only 250 Euros per hour depending on the photographer chosen. When you book multiple hours as part of our fabulous Collections, you’ll get even more value.

We also offer a brilliant 30-minute mini-session starting at only Euro 150 ; typically all mini-sessions take place near the Eiffel Tower and are scheduled mid-morning or early afternoon.

Nighttime Paris photo sessions require an assistant at Euro 100/hour to help with lighting, assist with crowd management, and to protect your belongings from theft. Assistants can also help carry some of your props and bags so you are free to connect with your loved one and enjoy your Paris photo adventure.

Multi-hour bookings receive priority with respect to popular starting times; our sunrise and evening photo sessions require a minimum booking of 2 hours.

Great! How do we book you?

Yaaay! Sounds like we’re a great match … and we can’t wait to meet you! Booking with us is super-simple and transparent, which means you know exactly what you’ll get. Your next step is to reserve your Paris photo shoot with a non-refundable 50% retainer; your balance is due latest on the day of the actual Paris photoshoot.

How many hours of photography coverage do we really need?

It depends on you as a couple, your energy, and budget. That said, our most popular Collections are the 2+2 (two hours at sunrise + two hours in the evening, including the magical “Blue Hour”) and our 3-hour sunrise session. It’s not unusual for couples to book us for 30 minutes or 6 hours and more. Here’s a sample gallery of an 8-hour shoot that included two sunrise sessions and one evening session.

For families with toddlers (approximately 1-4 years), we recommend our shorter sessions (30-minute or 1 hour). If your kids are relatively independent (pre-school or older), you should, of course, commission more substantial coverage and have your kids entertain themselves while you as a couple sneak in some romantic couple photos.

Doing a family photo session with your kids is a brilliant way to experience Paris together—our photographers are amazing with kids and will occasionally surprise them with a yummy hot chocolate. For larger families, we suggest renting a van with a driver which is safe, productive, and relaxing.

If you’re after maximum fun and location, outfit, and prop variety, we’d go with at least 3 hours of photography coverage, which is typically enough for the Eiffel Tower + Louvre (including surrounding attractions such as the Tuileries Gardens, Palais Royal, and a fabulous Parisian Cafe) + Seine River. Of course, you are free to customize your locations any way you see fit. We are here to help you with our local knowledge and make things happen for you.

Please keep in mind that commute and outfit changes are considered part of your commissioned Paris photography coverage.

What props do you recommend and where do we get them?

Glad you asked … since props that are within character are a brilliant way to spice up your Paris photo session. We recommend props that help you passionately connect, distract you from unwanted camera awareness, and support the fun-factor. Conversely, we are not big fans of props that distract you from connecting with each other or might feel awkward.

Props that almost always work well in Paris include macarons (our favs are Pierre Hermé, Carette, and Ladurée), Champagne, flowers, hats, confetti poppers, and balloons. Keep in mind that props can be bulky and may require a little additional planning if your shoot entails multiple locations. Hey, just imagine fitting 10 oversized balloons into the trunk of a small French car :-).

If you’d like assistance in organizing props, just let us know and we will put you in touch with the local experts.

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What if it rains?

We can control almost every element of your Paris photo experience except the weather (rain, wind, cold, etc.) … and quite frankly with over 1,000 Paris photoshoots per year, it would be impossible to run a world-class studio based on weather conditions.

That said, some of our most award-winning Paris photoshoots took place in the rain—and it makes perfect sense since rain photos are rarer and rain actually has the potential to elicit real, emotionally-expressive connection.

Paris photographer rain photos in Paris

In addition, the idea of rain scares away other couples and photographers, making for more privacy. Finally, an overcast sky means no squinting and no unflattering shadows and reflections.

During the winter months, we recommend bringing a warm layer and a pair of comfy shoes/boots you can easily switch into.

To be clear, though, while we try to work around rain on short-notice and occasionally even accommodate a time-switch, we never provide a refund of your retainer or guarantee an opportunity to reschedule.

What if we need to cancel or re-schedule?

We understand that—despite best intentions—it’s sometimes difficult or even impossible to keep your Paris photo session appointment. Hey, we’ve heard of mass airport disruptions, canceled flights, visa issues, strikes, floods, health, pregnancy, job conflicts, personal issues, and a host of other good reasons.

Yet, as one of the most sought-after Paris photographers, we’re almost always busy. We try hard to accommodate your preferred date(s) and starting time … which often means a serious reshuffling of our personal schedules.

It also implies that we turn away additional inquiries for your time-slot after you officially book with us. And while we will always do our utmost to try to fit in an emergency change (depending on your photographer’s availability), we never issue a refund of your retainer under any circumstance or even guarantee that we can offer you an alternate time slot.

If you cancel your shoot two hours or less before your shoot, and you want to reschedule, there will be a 50 Euro rescheduling fee.

What if I’m running a little late?

We understand that life can sometimes get in the way 🙂 … Paris is a busy city.

That said, just as you’d expect your photographer to arrive on time, we ask that you kindly arrive punctually as well. We book multiple Paris photoshoots per day and need to make sure that our photographers are available for their next booking … well-rested and prepared.

The maximum amount of time we contractually wait for you at the agreed meeting point is 15 minutes from your official starting time. In any case, we suggest calling and texting your photographer when you feel you may be late.

And even when your photographer agrees to start your Paris photoshoot with a slight delay, we never commit to extending your photography coverage complimentary to account for the time lost due to your late arrival.

If you’re not sure about traffic conditions, your UBER driver canceling on you, or whether your beauty artist will be done in time, or you anticipate a delay for any reason, please consider arriving at the meeting spot early.

What happens if a live event results in the obstruction of the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, or one of my other preferred locations?

As you might imagine, no week goes by in Paris without some sort of special event—be it a marathon, Paris Fashion Week, July 14 festivities, a techno parade, women’s health, strike, elections, sports event, … you name it.

And since the Eiffel Tower says Paris more so than any other structure in the city, many events just happen to take place somewhere in the immediate vicinity of the tower.

As a result, there may be cranes in front of the Eiffel Tower, a soccer ball hanging in an arch of the tower, a barricade erected around the tower, streets blocked off … you get the point. Hey, we’ve even seen the tower remain dark at night in protest of theft.

The Louvre Museum also occasionally closes off to the public—most frequently on Tuesday or Sunday evenings. Its courtyard is also typically obstructed twice a year for Paris Fashion Week. Then again, if the Louvre is not accessible, our photographers are nimble and resourceful and can take you to places such as the Alexander III Bridge, Bir-Hakeim Bridge, Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, or along the Seine River for amazing photos.

Your expectation should be that your preferred location will photograph well and as you see it in our galleries. You should, however, also expect the unexpected since Paris is a vibrant city in the heart of Europe … and events are simply part of our everyday life.

All to say, we do not offer any refund or reschedule your photo session in the event that your preferred location is partially or fully obstructed or otherwise visually less appealing.

And while our editors are incredibly talented, we do not guarantee that they can fundamentally alter your photo back to the original unobstructed state.

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How many photos do I get?

Depending on your Collection, you’ll get standard

  • 10 photos for a 30-minute mini-session;
  • 15 photos for one hour of photography coverage;
  • 25 photos per hour of photography coverage when you book at least two (2) or more hours.

All pictures are watermark-free and will be masterfully edited and delivered to you in high resolution print-ready digital format (JPEG).

That means you can download your photo files and get them professionally printed at a local photo lab near you, or conveniently print them through our gallery link (we use some of the finest photo labs, which fulfill print orders around the world).

Each additional photo edited and delivered in high resolution and print-ready is only Euro 5 per photo.

You can also purchase your entire batch of photos in unedited, high-resolution print-ready format (JPEG) for only Euro 300; we do not provide RAW photos, but our JPEGs are in super-high quality and size.

What’s the process and turnaround time for my photos?

  1. within only 24-48 hours after your Paris photoshoot, you’ll typically receive an online proofing link to view your entire gallery. The link includes all photos from your photo session in unedited, screen-optimized (low resolution) format
  2. since it’s a proofing gallery, you’ll not be able to download the photos, yet. Instead, you’ll select your favorite photos and email us at when you made your selections. The sooner you make your selections, the faster we can get started with the editing process and return the photos to you. Given our substantial editing volume, we ask that you kindly do not take more than two weeks to make your edit selections … and reserve the right to select, edit, and send you your photos if we do not receive your photo selections within one (1) month from the date we sent you your proofing link
  3. depending on our editing pipeline, your number of photo selections, the season of the year, and even how long you need to make your editing selections, it typically takes us between 1-2 weeks to return your fully edited photos in high resolution and print-ready via a digital download link

Do you edit my photos?

Yes! We take great pride in making your photos look absolutely stunning. Our goal is to edit your photo selections the exact same way we edit the photos you see on our website and social media.

That means we invest real time (4-10 minutes per photo), resources, and money into our editing services. And unlike many studios who simply apply a preset filter across all of your photos with the click of a button, we actually custom-edit each of your photos by hand and with love.

Here’s what you should expect from our standard photo edit that comes with your Collection:

  • adjustments to exposure, sharpness, contrast, and highlights;
  • cropping for beautiful composition;
  • removal of blemishes, scars, moles, or possibly even stains from your outfits where it is not too time-consuming;
  • horizontal and vertical rotation to ensure elements such as the Eiffel Tower and horizons look perfect;
  • color and vibrancy enhancements;
  • skin smoothing (optional);
  • beautification (thinning) of arms, legs, body, and chin (optional);
  • removal of distracting elements (other people, trash and structures) whenever easily possible and desirable.

Here’s what is not included in a standard edit, but which you may request for an additional fee:

  • black & white versions of your photos;
  • adding a more flattering sky or otherwise fundamentally altering the integrity of the original image;
  • removing wallets, phones, outfit indentations, or anything from your pockets;
  • smoothing or complex reshaping of wrinkles in your outfits, including shirts, jackets, gowns, pants, etc. …;
  • removing, reshaping, or recreating hair (except for bald spots for gentlemen);
  • clone a body part, such as eyes, etc. from a similar photo to a different photo.

Where can I leave my review?

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a heartfelt review—it means a lot to us and, importantly, helps prospective couples make an even more informed decision. Think of yourself as their “inner voice” and provide as much detail as possible.

Here are a few links to read up on what other happy couples have to say about us … or to leave a review yourself:


What if I’d like to order prints and other fabulous products?

When you’re ready to order your prints and wall art (canvas, mounted, or framed) through Kiss Me in Paris, we are happy to accommodate pretty much any dimension, size, finish, frame and order quantity … and will professionally fulfill your orders around the globe. Your photos will look absolutely gorgeous and ready to hang. Best of all, you, your family and friends can use the same online gallery link to place your orders regardless of where you live.

I would love a pretty album; can you help?

Looking for a stunning sign-in book to display your photos during the cocktail hour of your wedding reception? We can help. Our artisan albums present unparalleled value and are sure to wow your friends and families.

We also offer an incredible range of innovative and fun photo keepsakes, such as mugs, mouse pads, luggage tags, photo puzzles, magnets, photo puzzles, photo stickers, aprons, playing cards, and much, much more. Just ask and we will gladly send you additional information.